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Vladimír Wagner


Nuclear Spectroscopy Department 

Nuclear Physics Institute of ASCR 

CZ-250 68 Řeř near Prague

Room: F1 - 210 

Tel: +420-212241682, Fax: +420-220941130 

e-mail: wagner@ujf.cas.cz


Basic Information:

I started to work at Nuclear Spectroscopy Department of Nuclear Physics Institute of ASCR just after ending of my university studies of nuclear physics on Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University. I was member of group which studied nuclear structure using nuclear spectroscopy methods up to 1990 and I am member of Relativistic Heavy Ion Group now.  I made my diploma and Ph.D. thesis dealing with a structure of deformed nuclei at this institute. Presently I study mainly hot and dense nuclear matter. Such matter is for example inside neutron stars or is produced during supernovae explosion.  Small volume of such matter is possible produce by collision of heavy nuclei accelerated to the very high energy (nucleus velocity near to the velocity of light). I am involved also to the studies of possible application of relativistic proton reaction with thick target for neutron production and using of obtained neutron field for transmutation of radioactive waste. You can see my Curriculum vitae with list of publications or some personal information.

I am involved in the following Fields of my Interest:

·         Application of Spallation Reactions for accelerator driven transmutation of radioactive waste. The cycle of nuclear power production should be close by this method. We are involved mainly in the studies of spatial distribution of neutron production around thick target. More about our work here.


·         Relativistic Heavy Ions Physics - very hot and dense matter is studied by collisions of nuclei accelerated to high energy. The information about features of such matter is possible to obtain by detection of outgoing particles. Our group is member of international group working with photon spectrometer TAPS. We studied mainly anisotropies in the production of neutral mesons decaying to the photons. Present main field of our work is HADES spectrometer which was built up at GSI Darmstadt. It is determined for studies of features of hot and dense matter by the lepton pair spectroscopy (di-leptons are produced by vector meson decay inside such matter). We are involved together with our Italian colleagues mainly in the construction of the plastic scintillator wall which will distinguish different type of particles by time of flight. You can see some pictures from installation of this wall.


·         Ultrarelativistic Heavy Ions Physics - new state of mater - quark-gluon plasma is produced by much  higher energy. Such state of mater will be studied by new detector system ALICE which is prepared for constructed accelerator LHC at CERN (Geneva). We are engaged in the work on inner tracker detector system (silicon drift detectors). We are delivering together with the Czech company AREM PRO low voltage power supply system for these detectors.


·         Nuclear Spectroscopy and Nuclear Structure Studies - my diploma and Ph.D. thesis are presented to the nuclear spectroscopy studies of the structure of deformed nuclei.


·         University courses - I have lectures on Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague: Introduction to Subatomic Physics and Introduction to Nuclear Spectroscopy.


·         Popularization of nuclear and high energy physics (in Czech) - I have lectures not only for the university students but also for the public. I publish articles at journal for popularization of science.


·         Amateur Astronomy - I observed minima of eclipsing binaries during my university studies.


·         Science Fiction - I like SCI-FI literature and I translated short stories from polish to Czech during my university time.