Zapis ze 4.zasedani vedecke rady UJF AVCR
ze dne 20. 4. 2000

Pritomni:   Brabec, Becvar, Dittrich,  Hnatowicz, Kvasil, Kucera, Kugler,  Mach, Mikula, Suk, Spurny
Omluveni:      Chyla
host:  Doc. RNDr. Petr Lukáš, CSc. (Ústav fyziky materiálu AV CR, Brno) - clen oborove komise pro hodnocení výzkumných zámeru a výsledku pracovišt AV CR v oblasti ved o nezivé prírode


1. VR schvalila zapis z  3. zasedani, tj. z 13.04.2000

2. Verejne hodnoceni skupin neutronove difrakce,  jadernych analytickych metod, dozimetrie, radiofarmak a cyklotronu
VR vyslechla prezentace vedecke cinnosti nize uvedenych skupin za obdobi 1995-1999 a posudky vnitroustavnich
hodnotitelskych  komisi, ktera pracovaly ve slozeni:
pro Neutronovou difrakci - Janout, Mikula, Perina, Vratislav.
pro ADDTA -Brabec, Hnatowicz, Kroha, Kugler, Sotona, Suk.
pro analyticke metody, radiofarmaka a cyklotron - Bem, Becvar, Dragoun, Hnatowicz, Kucera, Mach, Spurny, Sturza
VR prijala nasledujici zavery:

 Neutronova difrakce - prezentoval kolega Lukas
    Because of the significance of the scientific activities and the received results, the group should have a full support in NPI.

 Jaderne analyticke metody v ONF - prezentoval kolega Hnatowicz
    Strong support of the group in future is higly recommended, including installation of a new tandem accelerator. Close coperation with the group of the neutron activation analysis of the same institute is desirable.

 Jaderne analyticke metody v OJS - prezentoval kolega Kucera
  The team has  large international recognition and continuation of its activities in the nuclear analytical methods has to be strongly supported in the future.

 Dozimetrie zivotniho prostredi - prezentoval kolega Kovar
     Continuing support of the group is justified, while enlarging publication activity in the refereed journals should be recommended.

  Biofyzika a mikrodozimetrie -prezentoval kolega  Spurny
     It is a case of successful research with a good perspective. It is strongly recommended to support the group

    Cyklotron -prezentoval kolega Sturza
Because of existing commercial and other obligations, the group around cyclotron U-120M should continue its present activities and perform economically reasonable technical measures leading to more effective cyclotron exploatation. In a longer prospect and because of assumed
appearence of new capacities for radiopharmaceutical production in Czech Republic, it is neccesary to formulate as soon as possible next strategy of usage and eventual development of accelerator technique in NPI.

ADTTA -prezentoval kolega Mach
Because of potential significance of radioactive waste transmutation and of good results obtained up to now, the continuation of the group activity is recommended. Since the final solution of waste transmutation and its technical realization is obviously beyond the capacity of any particular state,  much closer integration of the group ( and whole consortium) into broader international effort is strongly recommended. Future research program of the group and its goals should be specified to more details.

 Radiofarmaka - RAF2  -prezentoval kolega Fiser
There is no doubt that the group should receive the full support to be able to fulfil requirements of clinical users and also to take part in the international cancer-therapy research program as well.

Radiofarmaka pro PET   -prezentoval kolega Melichar
The group introduced the routine production of 18F-FDG injection, which facilitated start of PET diagnostic methods in Czech Republic during last years.  The group should have a full support in the NPI research program using the modern cyclotron-based facility developed for the investigation and production of radionuclides.

Chemie transaktinidu - prezentoval kolega Fiser
 The team is able to keep its present level of research and the position in the field. Without any doubt, the role of the group for Czech Republic as well as for international scientific community is unique and irreplaceable.

3.  Ruzne

 VR dava mandat vedeni ustavu a predsednictvu VR aby

VR vzala na vedomi, ze Akademicka rada udelila na jeji navrh cestnou medaile Ernsta Macha za zasluhy ve fyzikalnich vedach prof. Rauchovi. VR poverila kolegu Mikulu organizaci slavnostniho predani medaile.

Zapsal A. Kugler 
21 duben, 2000