Zapis ze 3.zasedani vedecke rady UJF AVCR
ze dne 13. 4. 2000

Pritomni:   Brabec, Dittrich,  Hnatowicz, Kvasil, Kugler,  Mach, Mikula, Suk, Spurny
Omluveni:     Becvar, Chyla, Kucera


1. Verejne hodnoceni skupin teoreticke fyziky
VR vyslechla prezentace vedecke cinnosti nize uvedenych skupin za obdobi 1995-1999 a posudky vnitroustavni
hodnotitelske komise, ktera pracovala ve slozeni: Hosek, Havlicek, Kvasil, Kugler, Rizek.
VR prijala nasledujici zavery:

      Hadrony a baryonove systemy- prezentoval kolega Sotona
    Activities of the group belong to the main stream of contemporary theoretical intermediate-energy physics and their activities in the
future, extended possibly by the modern field-theory, should be strongly supported. It is recommended to collaborate not only with experimentalist outside institute, but also with experimental groups of NPI, particularly in connection with involvement of NPI in HADES.

    Nenukleonove stupne volnosti v jadrech - prezentoval kolega Truhlik
    The theoretical studies of electroweak interactions in few-nucleon systems as well as ctivities of the group in field-theory-motivated formalism for the theoretically consistent description of few-body systems should be further supported. However, the collaboration with experimentalist inside NPI would be desirable in future.

   Modely jaderne struktury  - prezentoval kolega Dobes
  The theoretical activities of the group is quite important for NPI, as they are directly associated with experimental programes of several scientific groups of NPI. Therefore it should certainly continue.

    Teoreticka subjaderna fyzika- prezentoval kolega Hosek
     The publication record is rather modest, although dr. Hosek promise to finish publication of some recent results before end of May. Search for the quark-gluon plasma became a high-priority experimental program of NPI. Hence it is recommended to strengthen the group in the nearest future before the physical program of the ALICE project will start.

    Matematicka fyzika - prezentoval kolega  Exner
     Scientific outcome of the group is excellent: abundant number of papers is respectful journals, large number of citations and presentations at the
international conferences.  Members of the group contribute considerably to the successes of the Doppler Institute, which joins mathematical physicists of several institutions.  Future activities of the group should be vigorously supported.


2.  Zadosti o Granty GA CR
 VR doporucuje navrhy projektu podanych do GA CR uvedenych nize:


Zapsal A. Kugler 
18 duben, 2000